Axis Foils ART 699


Immediately after the release of the ART 899 and ART 799 we started receiving requests for an even smaller ART, but rather than rushing one to the market, we paused. We wanted to evaluate exactly how best to achieve that, who would benefit the most, and what conditions would it have to contend with.

The ART699 has considerably less tip turn-down than the larger ARTs. If you’re towing and prone surfing larger more powerful waves, winging in higher wind conditions or are a smaller/lighter rider, this is the ultimate controlled speed machine. Our team riders are generally using the ART 699 with an Advance Ultrashort, Crazyshort or Sillyshort fuselage and pairing it with a small Progressive rear like the 300/61.

Wingspan: 699 mm (27.5 in)
Chord: 100 mm (3.92 in)
Mean average chord: 77.6 mm
Actual area: 556 cm2 (86.2 in2)
Project Area: 543 cm2 (84.2 in )
Volume: 412 cm3 ( 25.1 in3)
Aspect Ratio: 9.0



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