Axis Foils ART Pro 1401


Designed as a small-bump down-wind machine, the ART PRO 1401 excels in low-energy swells and light wind conditions. Opening up wing foiling in very light conditions, the ART PRO 1401 is really fast, barely slower than the ART PRO 1201 and turns incredibly well for such a large wing.
Dock-starters will love the ART PRO 1401, It is very fun to pump, and fast with exceptional glide… it makes doing tricks like tip-out turns or 360’s effortless.
The ART PRO 1201 has proved to be our most popular wing ever, we are picking the ART PRO 1401 will follow a similar trajectory.

We asked our team riders to describe the ART PRO 1401 ride experience. Here’s a small selection of comments, that we feel most aptly describe their feedback:

– Running to dock-start is a thing of the past, just step off…
– Riders who are struggling to break the 1 min mark will be chasing the 3-5min mark
– This is a game-changer for bigger guys across multiple disciplines…
– If you pump the 1401 harder it will go faster, say goodbye to the old one-speed wings…

Based on our Black & Black Advance+ fuselage platform, ART PRO 1401 will slot straight into your existing quiver. The ART PRO 1401 is best paired with our ProgressiveSkinny  or Pump rear wings.


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