Axis Foils BSC 1060


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Compatível com a fuselagem Red Series

As Broad Spectrum Carve (BSC) são uma nova geração de asas fáceis de andar, com uma boa dose de performance no seu design. Perfeitas para all-round, incluindo para iniciantes.

As BSC usam uma secção de foil refinada, com uma extensa gama de velocidade e estabilidade, sendo ideais para riders de todos os níveis e condições.

As 1120 e 1060 são as asas mais fáceis para todos os níveis, riders mais pesados e para Wing, SUP, wake e pump. Levantam muito cedo, com um voo suave, boa gama de velocidade e bem manobráveis para o seu tamanho. A 970 é uma asa all-round para todos os níveis e estilos. As 890 / 810 / 740 foram desenvolvidas para performance em prone, SUP, wing e kite. São asas estáveis, rápidas e precisas a manobrar.

Dados técnicos:
WINGSPAN: 1060 mm / 42 inches
MAX CHORD: 200mm / 8 inches
ACTUAL AREA 1803 square cm / 278 square inches
PROJECTED AREA: 1726 square cm / 268 square inches
VOLUME: 2800 cubic cm / 171 cubic inches

Uso recomendado:
Winfgoil: todos os níveis e condições de pouco vento. Super fácil de andar.
Downwind: para quem está a começar e bumps pequenos
SUP / Surf: para todos os níveis e para ondas muito pequenas. Ideal para riders mais pesados.
Wake: todos os níveis. Para wakes pequenos
Pump: todos os níveis. Excelente para aprender
Windsurf: todos os níveis. Vento fraco.

Todas as asas vêm com saco


The ultimate all-rounder, and the place to start your foiling journey.

Our Original Series (1020, 920, 820) performed admirably during the first generation of foiling water sports and are still ideal beginner foils. When it was time to replace this model, we set out to significantly improve speed and range, without losing the easy lifting properties we all loved about the original series.

For the BSC range we completely changed the outline, increasing aspect ratio and reducing thickness for vastly improved speed and glide, while incorporating what we had learned from the HPS project in turn down and twist for optimum turning. However, like the Original, we developed a foil section with a high stall angle. This means it still operates well at slow speeds, so will be forgiving when you make a mistake gybing on a Wind foil or Wing foil. It will also get you up easily and keep you foiling when surfing slow or weak waves.

The result is a foil that has an incredibly wide range of operation – the ultimate all-rounder. One day you could be foiling tiny waves on your SUP, the next you could be screaming across the harbour with a hand wing, all on the same foil.

The BSC 1120 and  BSC 1060 are the easiest wings for all levels, heavier riders and all rounders for WING, SUP, WAKE and PUMP. Very early lift, butter smooth riding, good speed range, and great turning for their size. The  BSC 970 could be the all levels wing for all styles and levels of riding. The 890-810-740 are faster, more technical wings, designed for the skilled SUP, PRONE, WINGING riders who are looking for higher performance in a very easy to ride package.

As with every AXIS front wing, the graphics on the wings give you all possible measurements so you can best compare and also quickly swap pieces or get new accessories for your foil.

Compatible with the Red fuselages.

Technical Data:
WINGSPAN: 1060 mm / 42 inches
MAX CHORD: 200mm / 8 inches
ACTUAL AREA 1803 square cm / 278 square inches
PROJECTED AREA: 1726 square cm / 268 square inches
VOLUME: 2800 cubic cm / 171 cubic inches


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