Axis Foils HPS 700


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Apenas compatível com a fuselagem Black Series.

As asas High Performance Speed (HPS) são rápidas! Desenvolvidas para a máxima performance, mas ainda assim indicadas para quase todos os níveis.

Uma vez que as HPS têm um secção de foil com menos camber e um chord mais estreito, a Axis desenvolveu uma fuselagem especial específica (Black Series) para as HPS e para futuras asas dianteiras de performance.

As HPS são as asas de performance ideais para wingfoil e downwind. As asas maiores da HPS são também indicadas para SUP, prone, wake e windsfurf para praticantes de nível avançado e as mais pequenas são perfeitas para tow, free-style wingfoil e kite.

As HPS são uma nova geração de asas dianteiras para quem gosta de velocidade e performance, sendo no entanto estáveis e previsíveis, com imenso glide e capacidade de manobrar.

Dados técnicos:
WINGSPAN: 700 mm / 27.5 inches
MAX CHORD: 160mm / 6.3inches
ACTUAL AREA 890 square cm / 138 sq inches
CAMBER (as % of CHORD): 2.5
VOLUME: 1060 cubic cm / 65 cubic inches

Uso recomendado:
Winfgoil: nível intermédio +. Vento forte. Rápida.
Surf: nível intermédio +. Ondas médias +. Rápida e veloz a virar.
Kite: Rápida e suave. Para quase todos os níveis.

Todas as asas vêm com saco


Compatible with the Black Series Fuselage

High-performance foiling accessible to everyone.

This breakthrough high aspect foil was the result of a long and intensive design and prototyping process that included the development of our new ‘black’ fuselage to incorporate the reduced thickness and chord of the HPS foil section.

The camber of the HPS, a key variable in the lift versus drag trade-off, is also the lowest in the AXIS range.

But while this foil is unashamedly designed for speed and glide, the real achievement is how easy it is to use for almost all levels of rider. Where other brands’ high aspect foils are usually an unstable ‘expert only’ ride, we’ve seen people jump on HPS and rip after a just a few sessions mastering basics on higher lift foils.

This is thanks to the beautifully balanced plan-shape and carefully considered down-turn and twist, that keeps this foil turning freely and handling predictably in all conditions.

AXIS HPS has quickly become our most popular foil for winging for all levels riders once they have the basics down. A true industry benchmark. It’s also making its mark in Downwind, Prone and SUP foiling for faster or more powerful waves. Its high-speed suitability also makes it a natural choice for windsurf and kite foiling.

Technical Data:
WINGSPAN: 700 mm / 27.5 inches
MAX CHORD: 160mm / 6.3inches
ACTUAL AREA 890 square cm / 138 sq inches
CAMBER (as % of CHORD): 2.5
VOLUME: 1060 cubic cm / 65 cubic inches

Recommended use:
WING Surfing for intermediate + level. Stronger wind conditions – FAST Riding
Prone / Surf – Intermediate + level. Medium + waves, FAST riding and turning
Kite – smooth fast speed riding. Most levels.


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