Axis Foils Spitfire 720


Imagine a dedicated surf foiling wing, that lets you foil waves like a surfer would. If you’re anything like us, you’ve been dreaming of an effortless turning wing, that inspires confidence when dropping in, that has a gentle, predictable easy lift up onto foil. A foil that not only handles breaches but encourages them. No wave is the same, sometimes you need a turn of speed, and on another, you need to slow right down but stay on foil. A wing you can just forget about and get on with the business of enjoying yourself. Of course, that wing has to be capable of pumping you back out to do it all again and again. The wait is over, meet the AXIS Spitfire.

You’ll recognise it by its distinctive elliptical outline, straight median line and lack of aggressive turndown through the tips. Moderate chord lengths, that taper smoothly from the centre to the tips, encourage smooth, predictable but precise turning. Reduced foil thickness for enhanced top end to compliment the greater chords providing easy low end.
Many of these attributes are shared by the ARTPRO Range of wings, and in fact much of what we learned in the development of that line fed into the Spitfire’s make-up.
Through the development process, we put the Spitfire through its paces. The smaller sizes are fast with explosive turning. The larger sizes are great for smaller spots and larger riders. The Spitfires are versatile front wings, able to ride waves or flat water across prone, SUP, winging, wake, downwind, lake pumping and kite foiling disciplines. They do it all.

Spitfire 720

This small high-performance surf wing bridges the gap between prone foil and tow foil. A wing that gives you full confidence to charge the bigger, steeper waves and execute surfing manoeuvres in critical parts of the waves that were previously not possible on a foil board. It has predictable rail-to-rail behaviour allowing you to input much more energy into your carves than ever before. The Spitfire 720 is also designed for high-performance, full-powered wingfoiling, suitable for both the waves and freestyle. Our kite foil testers are raving about it too

Spitfire foils are ideally matched with our Black Advance fuselage and Progressive or Skinny rear wing ranges.


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