Black Project SUP Fin Condor (gráficos de 2021)


Black Project SUP Fin Condor 18

Modelo actual, mas com gráficos de 2021

SUP Race Fin For Top-End Speed & Agility. Designed With Connor Baxter For Elite Paddlers

The Condor is a SUP racing fin designed for maximum board speed and agility. Ideally suited for advanced and professional paddlers, this is the fin for those who aren’t afraid to push the limits. The smallest fin we make, the Condor utilizes reduced depth, smaller surface area and our Reduced Cord Concept to enable maximum paddling speed, without sacrificing too much tracking. Best suited for flat water and calmer days, it’s the fastest fin on the market. But be warned, due to its size the Condor is not for everyone.

  • A very small fin (18cm / 7.09” & 182cm2 / 28.21 in2 ).
  • Reduced Cord Concept (RCC) enables increased speed and faster turning without sacrificing tracking.
  • Short fin base increases positional tuning options, even on boards with short fin boxes.
  • Developed by multi-time SUP Racing World Champion Connor Baxter, with additional input from Seychelle Webster, Martin Vitry, Fiona Wylde and other elite paddlers.
  • US Base and Surf/Longboard Base

Ao fazer a encomenda, indiquem qual a opção para a base: US ou Surf/Longboard. Caso tenham alguma dúvida de qual é a vossa base para o fin, contactem-nos.

Promoção válida até 31 de Julho de 2022 e limitada ao stock existente. Desconto de 20%.

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