Black Project SUP Fin Maliko (gráficos de 2021)


Black Project SUP Fin Maliko 21 v3

Modelo actual, mas com gráficos de 2021

SUP Race Fin For Increased Maneuverability, Tracking & Stability, Ideal For Ocean Racing & Downwind

The Maliko is a SUP racing and downwind fin designed to improve board maneuverability and glide. Ideal for intermediate-to-advanced paddlers looking to develop their downwinding skills, this medium-sized fin utilizes a surfing-inspired curved outline with a narrow cord and medium foil to help paddlers ride and connect swells. While best suited for downwind conditions, this fin also works great in large rivers with a strong flow. Achieving a faster board speed isn’t just about paddling harder, but being able to utilize the flow of the ocean The Maliko makes it possible to not only go faster, but more importantly, to have more fun.

  • Medium-sized fin (21cm / 8.27” & 223cm2 / 34.6 in2 ).
  • Designed for intermediate and advanced paddlers in ocean and downwind conditions.
  • Progressive Surf Concept (PSC) for easy carving and control while riding swells.
  • Great for long, flowing glides on swells.
  • Short fin base increases positional tuning options, even on boards with short fin boxes.

Este modelo com gráficos de 2021 apenas está disponível em stock com base Surf/Longboard. Temos disponível o modelo com gráficos de 2022 (mas mesmo design) com opção para base US ou Surf/Longboard.

Promoção válida até 31 de Julho de 2022 e limitada ao stock existente. Desconto de 20%.

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