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Introducing the RAY, a SUP fin for increased tracking & stability, ideal for choppy water & long distances.

We decided to split the original MALIKO into two separate SUP racing fins (Learn more about the Maliko v3) each focused on enhancing performance in different ways. The RAY is a result of this project, designed to incorporate the Maliko’s beloved aspects of stability, tracking and glide while implementing new design techniques to improve performance around the buoys, similar to but more stable than the smaller TIGER. This SUP race fin is ideal for choppy and confused water ways, coastal exploration and longer distance paddling. It is also great for increasing stability on narrow race boards. Remember, you are not fast if you are falling off.

What are the characteristics compared to other fins in the line up and previous models?

  • More upright profile at 35 degrees, similar to Tiger to improve buoy turns.
  • New foil for efficiency and glide over longer distances.
  • More area – 283 cm2 / 43.9 in2 the biggest fin in the range for increased tracking and stability.
  • Longer depth – 24cm / 9.45” which helps stability and tracking

Who will benefit most from the Ray SUP race fin?

The Ray is designed for intermediate to advanced paddlers who want the stability and ease of use familiar with the original Maliko, but with improved maneuverability for buoy turns more akin to the Tiger. Thanks to proprietary foiling and a low drag profile, those who switch to the Ray will notice increased glide between paddle stokes. When the water get rough the Ray will really come into its own, with the extra depth and increased area it will help you keep upright and tracking straight especially as fatigue sets in.

How does it fit into the SUP race fin collection?

The Ray is the biggest SUP fin in our line up and is designed to make paddling in choppy water easier. The increased size, outline shape and foil combine to offer exceptional tracking, stability and speed. Ideally suited for windy conditions and for those new to narrow standup paddle race boards. It is an ideal change up from the Tiger on rough water days or for long distance paddling where the added glide helps you to lower your cadence and conserve energy.

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