Black Project SUP Sonic Fin


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The SONIC SUP race fin is designed for blistering speed, enhanced flow and ultimate control especially in ocean and river conditions. The Sonic is highly recommended for beach/surf races and downwind SUP racing. The Sonic is best suited for advanced to professional stand up paddlers with a high cadence and has quickly become the fin of choice for many elite and professional SUP racers. Built in our ultralight Pro Carbon construction our fins are the lightest SUP race fins available.

The Sonic SUP race fin is designed to help you maneuver to connect bumps while downwinding, sprint faster on flat water and surf into the finish with speed and style. At only 18cm (7 in.) long and 214 cm² (33 in²) in area, the Sonic is the smallest and loosest feeling sup race fin we make, it frees up the tail of raceboards and encourages a dynamic, flowing and fast racing style. The combination of a race proven foil and progressive rake enable experienced paddlers take advantage of even the smallest of bumps which the ocean or river provides. This fast and loose feeling is ideal for elite riders with a high cadence who are in tune with ocean chop and currents. The Sonic has a 45° initial angle on the leading edge with progressively more curve, hence it is great at shedding weeds and trash, given it is short length then those paddling in shallow waters will also like this fin option.

Experienced paddlers are those most likely to benefit from the Sonic’s performance characteristics. Riders who like a free and fast feeling and are confident on their boards will experience significant benefits. If you like grinding out long distances with a low cadence then the Tiger  will be more suitable. If you have a higher cadence and want to enhance your agility then the Sonic is for you. If you like to surf your raceboard then the Sonic is certainly the choice. If you are an experienced downwinder then the Sonic will help you improve further.

The secret to downwinding success is to understand the ocean and use the flow of water currents to your advantage. During the 2017 downwinding season Bernd Roediger took this to a new level. Utilizing his surfing background he rode his Naish Maliko and Sonic fin combo to wins in the Maui2Molokai, Molokai2Oahu, Maui Poi Bowl, Gorge Paddle Challenge & Gorge Downwind Championships in an unprecedented run of results at the elite level. The added maneuverability and flow which the Sonic offers allows paddlers to surf more and paddle less.

The proprietary Sonic SUP race fin foil generates large amounts of lift with very low drag, the result is that you get maximum speed with minimum effort. The outline helps to increase flow and keep you in tune with the ocean so that all energy is utilized and every paddle stroke is translated into forward motion.

Our Pro Carbon construction uses RTM molding technology to produce the lightest fin possible at only 150 grams (5.29 ounces) while maintaining excellent stiffness and strength. Our Pro Carbon technology is so light that our fins float freely in water.


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