Black Project SUP Fin Sonic


Black Project SUP Fin Sonic 18 v2

SUP Race Fin For Maximum Maneuverability For Advanced Level Paddlers

The Sonic is a SUP racing and downwind fin designed to maximize board maneuverability and speed. Ideal for advanced and professional paddlers looking to enhance their flow on downwinders, this small fin utilizes a surfing-inspired curved outline with a narrow cord and thinner foil to help paddlers ride and connect swells at speed. Ideally suited to downwind conditions, this fin also performs well in technical surf races, shallow water and rivers with a strong flow and debris. In situations when the fastest racing line is not a straight line, the Sonic enables you to seek out and connect the fastest bumps, waves and sections of flowing water.

  • A small fin (18cm / 7.09” & 193cm2 / 29.9 in2).
  • Designed for advanced and professional paddlers in downwind and surf races..
  • Progressive Surf Concept (PSC) for easy carving and control on swells.
  • Surfing-inspired outline maximizes agility and flow in ocean racing.
  • Short fin base increases positional tuning options, even on boards with short fin boxes..
  • The small size, surfing orientated outline and narrow cord make this fin ideal for rapid changes of direction.
  • Complete with premium fin cover, fin screw, leash string and board sticker.
  • US Base and Surf/Longboard Base

Vem com bolsa para fin, cordinha para o leash, parafuso e placa e autocolante

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