Infinity Downtown 14’0


This board design is intended for choppy waters, paddling downwind, as well as upwind. The Downtown excels in downwind bump riding, cross chop navigation and upwind grinding. Although a specialty board, many people have adopted the Downtown as their everyday board for offshore stability.

The design started with a baseline of Steve Boehne’s timeless downwind rocker then the team built the board from that point up. Outline is a classic wide point forward shape with a pulled in mini square tail. This allows stability and early entry into bumps while forward grinding and maneuverability and release in the back. Mini square tail releases like a dream and sits tall so it does not get pushed around in the side chop. Extremely high rails for side to side stability and hard edges for quick surfy release. The nose has rocker to slip into the curves and rise up in between bumps for longer gliding. A subtle bottom with entry contours and soft roll that blends into a slight single concave keeps the board lively in between bumps and makes it a pleasure to paddle when it’s flat.

This board is offered in both a “dugout” and traditional “flatdeck” options

Infinity Downtown Flat Deck 14’0: 2995 euros

Infinity Downwton Dugout Deck 14’0: 3195 euros

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