Infinity T-Bird Wingfoil Board


The new T-Bird design features all the latest from Dave Boehne.
Double concave bottom with aggressive angled rails, concave deck. These small boards are a special shape for advanced wing foiling rider. The deck is flat and progresses to a slight concave in the tail to promote the back foot to find the board’s center line and help get the rider in the exact position directly from take-off.
Comes with 3-track style foil application as well as front and back foot strap options. V -front and central rear all of which are reinforced with high-density anchors for strong install and minimal failures.
Include a refined bottom contour to add versatility for both downwind/wing foiling and surf wing foiling.
The T-Bird a redesigned concave deck and an additional handle on the bottom for wing foiling.

Construction PVC sandwich carbon

5.0′ x 25″ (78 L) – available
4.10′ x 24″ (68 L) – available
4.8′ x 22″ (49 L) – available for pre-order


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