Infinity Whiplash 12’6


The Whiplash SUP race board is our specialty flat-water design. With that said the Whiplash has been a staple in our lineup and continues to get better and better. For 2018 the Whiplash is on a mission for flat water supremacy. We now offer two styles of cockpits to accommodate your preference and fine tune your ride. Whiplash is available with its signature “flat deck” as well as our new “dugout” deep recessed deck.

Flat deck is recommended for paddlers that cross over to ocean paddling, light chop, and like the freedom to roam the deck like a surfboard. Dugout version is recommended for paddlers looking for max stability and pushing themselves to narrower widths. The Whiplash gained more volume where you need it and a new innovative hybrid step tail designed bottom developed by Dave Boehne. This design has next level glide and is the best version Whiplash to date. We also offer the Larry Allison Probox 4 fin set up standard on all Whiplash boards for 2018. Flat water to mild chop, this board is your choice.

Whiplash 12’6 Flat Deck: 2795 euros

Whiplash 12’6 Dugout Deck: 2995 euros

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