Infinity Whiplash Dugout 14’0


The 2020 Whiplash went through some small refinements. Similar to the Blackfish, Dave kept with the unique and very fast step tail design and inverse Vee bottom concept.

The nose entry got a sharper and more pronounced Vee shape underneath to cut the water even cleaner. The dugout got carved out inside to achieve another 1” width in the cockpit.

Dave also thinned out the tail to help it sink easier for buoy turns and riding bumps. The bottom has a flatter panel under the feet compared to 2019; this was lengthened to increase even morestability. We’ve extended the step rail all the way back to the tailblock, which finishes off into a narrow square tail at the corners.

This provides a cleaner release, more control while back on the tail and a very slippery glide per stroke.

14’0 x 21″ (258 litros)
14’0 x 23.5 (298 litros)
14’0 x 25 (325 litros)

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