RSPro Smart Nose Saver


Born from the needs of pool surfers, useful for all water sports enthusiasts worried about damaging their board nose.

  • Soft and flexible for easy installation.
  • Absorbs and dissipates impact energy so you board doesn’t have to.
  • The elasticity varies depending on the force to witch it is subjected. It is soft and flexible when moved slowly, but when moved quickly – for example, when compressed by an impact – its molecules lock together, thereby absorbing and dispersing the force of impact.
  • Designed to protect the board from impact. Not resistant to abrasionNot recommended on pointy surfboards.
  • Compact, plastic-free cardboard packaging.
  • Extremely lightLess than half of your soul
  • Design & manufacturing in Barcelona.
  • Do you need nose (or tail) protection on your board?


  • 2.5mm thick.
  • Black camo color.
  • 22.5 x 6,6cm (8.85″x2.6″)
  • Net weight: 9 grams (0.3 ounces)
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