SIC Maui Poacher Surf Foil 4’6


Tamanho – 4’6 X 21” – 40 litros

This rad foil surfboard catches surf with ease. Its straight tail rocker keeps the nose down while getting to your feet. The Poacher transforms the tiniest waves and the sloppiest days into an epic one. On bigger, cleaner days, you will be flying down the line and carving smooth, bottomless turns.
The Poacher’s compact, lightweight design has a quick and lively feel due to its low swing weight. The Star Light construction is light and durable. The double-track mounting system provides a reliable connection to the board, agile maneuverability, and a sensitive feel over the board and the foil.

• Star Light (SL) construction
• Double slotted fin box tracks (9cm spacing) for plate mount system
• Diamond grooved textured EVA deck pad
• Double leash plug
• Gore-Tex breather valve
• Kick tail pad


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