SIC Maui Raptor Slash 1300 Foil (completo)



SIC foils are designed and configured with the finest materials available. The base, mast and fuselage assembly (T-Bar) are constructed with military-grade prepreg carbon as a monocoque construction. Compared to alloy counterparts, this T-Bar construction is extremely lightweight, rigid, and torque resistant. It eliminates electrolysis (saltwater corrosion) between the components.

The T-Bar is available in 72, 82 or 92 cm mast lengths, which all feature a 71 cm fuselage length. All front and rear wings, T-Bar and fuselage are interchangeable, allowing optimum equipment fine-tuning to accommodate your weight, riding style and riding conditions. The forged Carbon Mast Base has slotted open ends with 90mm spacing for rapid installation and break down. It is also extremely durable over time as the full carbon construction avoids any risk of electrolysis (saltwater corrosion) between different component materials.


The Slash is available as a kit in T-Bar: 92 cm / Wing: 1300 cm² / Stab: 260 cm² base configurations.

The Slash base configuration is designed for more advanced riders. It’s high-lift, low-drag design is efficient and capable of achieving high top-end speeds. You will glide faster and longer with this design. The Slash is responsive, stable and pumps exceptionally well, getting you through the smaller waves and lulls. This design is excellent for windsurf, wing, downwind, pumping and surfing.


  • Lightweight 100% prepreg carbon fiber
  • One-piece torque resistant Base, Mast & Fuselage monocoque construction (T-Bar)
  • Interchangeable front and rear wing wings with solid connections.
  • Marine-grade stainless steel hardware
  • Flat mount base
  • Flite front wing sizes: 1000, 1300 and 1500 cm²
  • Rear stabilizers: 260, 350, 440 cm²
  • Padded carry bag/covers


  • Fusion Logic T-Bar (monobloc) configuration (mast/fuselage)
  • T-Bar + Front Wings + Rear Wings 100% prepreg carbon fiber
  • Marine grade stainless steel hardware
  • Interchangeable front wing and rear stabalizer (STAB) wings
  • Double track base mounting plate

Todos os componentes do foil são modulares e o Raptor Slash pode ser configurado com outra asa dianteira, traseira ou T-Bar.

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