SIC Maui Slash 1700 (completo)

O preço original era: €1,999.00.O preço atual é: €1,399.00.

Promoção válida de 1 de Maio de 2024 a 31 de Maio de 2024 e limitada ao stock existente. Desconto de 30%.

Ideal for
Intermediate and Advanced foiler’s
For low drag, high speed foiling

NEW & innovative flipping central fuselage: allowing you to trim your foil performance simply by flipping the orientation of the fuselage. Adjustment towards manoeuvrability or pumping.

The Slash range in carbon construction (mast and wings) is all about maximum glide, high-speed, and hard carving for those who want to push Wing Foiling to the maximum. Multiple versatilities for maximum customization according to riding styles

The Slash 1700 is provided with a 1700 cm2 Front Wing, 400 cm2 Rear Wing and 75 cm mast lenght as a Middle Aspect Ratio (6.7) for better glide and control, perfect for advanced foiler.

Flip fuselage =Two in One. This innovative fuselage allows the foiler two set-up choices within one component.
Facing the PUMP ARROW forward will create more distance between the mast and front wing, allowing for pump riding style, more lift, better stability, and control.
Facing the STEERING WHEEL forward will create less distance between the mast and front wing, allowing for maneuverability and aggressive turning.

Slash Foil is designed and configured with the finest materials available. The base and mast are constructed with military-grade prepreg carbon and the flip fuselage with alloy.

All front and rear wings, T-Bar, and fuselage are interchangeable, allowing optimum equipment fine-tuning to accommodate your weight, riding style, and riding conditions. The fuselage has slotted open ends for rapid installation and break down. It is also extremely durable over time.

HIGH ASPECT RATIO FRONT WING Better glide and control, perfect for advanced foiler

FLIP FUSELAGE: TWO IN ONE Flip the asymmetrical fuselage facing the PUMP ARROW forward for pump riding style and control, facing the STEERING WHEEL forward for maneuverability and aggressive turning

STAB TRIMMING +/- 1°Favoring lift vs. Speed

CARBON CONSTRUCTION Front wing 1700 cm2 – Wing. Rear Wing 400 cm2. Mast 75 cm .

DOUBLE TRACK BASE MOUNTING PLATE Giving you maximum adjustability fore and aft as well as the ability to shim your foil

MARINE-GRADE HARDWARE – TORX 8 MM Strong and corrosion resistant

PADDED CARRY BAG/COVERS For maximum protection


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