SIC Maui X 14’0 Pro-Lite

3,400.00 2,500.00

Flat-Water / Race / Touring

14’0 x 24” x 6.7” 266 litros

This board is 24.0”/61.0cm wide. The additional length gives the X-14’ PRO-LITE a sleeker outline while preserving stability. The 14’ PRO-LITE gives racers like Lina Augaitis, Georges Cronsteadt and Sonni Honscheid unmatched acceleration, unrivaled top end speed and maximum glide. Augaitis became the fastest women paddler on earth at the 2014 Lost Mills contest in Germany. The bottom cross sections allow the racer to get up to top speed quicker and stay at your top speed longer with less effort. The piercing bow design and missile like outline mean the board will continue to accelerate the harder you stroke. The new X-14’ PRO-LITE is designed to put Elite racer ahead of the pack and on top of the podium.

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Informação adicional

Peso 11.3 kg
Dimensões (C x L x A) 14.0 x 24 x 6.7 in


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