SIC TAO Surf Air-Glide 10’6


All-Round Surf / Surf / Touring

10’6 x 34” x 6” (330 litros)

SIC Inflatables are derived from their composite counterpart. This means proven designs translate into the Air-Glide Series for unrivaled performance and convenience. SIC’s materials selection, shapes and constructions dictate performance and prove that not all inflatables are created equal. Strict quality control ensures that your boards are the best available. We are so confident in our quality construction that SIC offers a 2 Year Warranty on its Air-Glide Series boards.

AIR-GLIDE TAO SURF: Based on our 2017 Flow Series, this board has been very well received for its overall geometry, weight, performance and value. This board has been a favorite for schools, rental fleets, recreational consumers, charter services, yoga classes and more. Featuring DSC and DWC construction, high quality single layer DSC and double sidewall construction, these boards will turn a first time experience into the experience of a lifetime. SIC believes that the first experience on the water needs to be a good one if people are going to catch the paddle bug and plug into the paddle community.

Design D Tech:

The Air-Glide TAO Surf Series feature the Single Layer Skin (SLS) Drop Stitch Construction (DSC) and Double Sidewalls (DSW). It has a diamond grooved deck pad for maximum traction. There are D-rings on the tail for your leash or to tie up, as well as on the nose for tethering or towing. The board also comes with a leash, ergo dynamic dual action pump, 8.0” Mahi (nylon) fin.

DROP STITCH CONSTRUCTION (DSC): All SIC Air-Glide boards feature the highest quality Drop Stitch Construction (DSC) construction. Drop Stitch material is composed of a top and bottom layers of cloth which has hundreds of thousands of fibers that connect the top deck and bottom deck of board. This material is then laminated on the top and bottom cloth with either a single layer PVC (SLS) or a PVC Fusion skin (FST). The better the quality of the DSC material, the stronger the board is under inflation and the less distortion of shape and the boards hold and maintain their shape much better over over time. While much of the drop stitch material appears the same, the quality and consistency of these internal fibers can vary greatly. Quality of materials is a core differentiating factor determining good vs bad quality products/brands. SIC uses only the finest DSC in on all its SIC Air-Glide Series boards while applying different material options on the top skin such as SLS and FST.

SINGLE LAYER SKIN (SLS): SIC uses the highest grade of Drop Stitch (DSC) material, which is fused to a Single Layer of high grade PVC. This is lighter than a double layer construction and even Fusion. That said, Single Layer has a bit more stretch under load than SIC’s Fusion construction. However, SLS is well suited for boards 11.6 and below. For longer length and/or high performance paddleboards, the Fusion Skin gives the board greater stiffness, which contributes to speed and performance. The SLS construction boards get additional PVC Strips along the center of the board, top and bottom and from nose to tail to add stiffness and control unwanted twisting. This construction is offered on our new TAO Surf and TAO Fit.

STRINGER SUPPORT TECHNOLOGY (SST): SST is a PVC reinforcing belt that is applied to the bottom and top of the board of the SLS boards. This provides additional stiffness and also controls the potential unwanted twist during production and even after extended use. SIC combines SST with its double sidewall construction, making for a high quality, consistent shape at a comfortable weight and accessible price. This construction is offered on our new TAO Surf and Tao Fit.

DOUBLE SIDEWALL CONSTRUCTION (DSW): SIC always goes the extra mile when it comes to performance, durability and wherever possible, enhanced safety. Inexpensive inflatables have to cut corners to make a cheap board. At SIC we want the best for you so we only use the best materials and manufacturing techniques. A double sidewall construction (DSW) means that you can inflate the board to a higher PSI, as the sidewall sections are double reinforced effectively with 2 layers of high quality PVC. When glued and laminated the rail stiffness and rail reinforcement more than doubles. This enhances overall performance and strength. Under inflation minimizes flex. DSW nearly eliminates the possibility of a blow out when using the board properly. DSW construction is used on all SIC boards. This construction is offered on all SIC Air-Glide Series boards.


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