SUPR Pacer Pro Ultralite


The ultimate racing machine!

The triple ridge concave blade gives an instant, precise and powerful catch. Ideal for those racing or looking to paddle longer distances.

Double Dutch and SUPR have avoided using ABS bumper edges in their paddles because it is soft, weak and doesn’t bond well to the composite layers nor the foam core of the paddle. Instead they aerospace carbon for their blade edge as it is much tougher, stronger and more durable. The CNC made PVC foam core in combination with the higher grade materials and ultra high pressures make the Pacer amongst the strongest and lightest foam core paddles on the market.

Shaft – Medium Stiff
Blade – Medium (86″) or Large (96″)
Angle –  10 Degrees
Weight – 465 gram

SupR has over 35 years’ experience in high-end racing paddle production. Being innovative and making the best products for their customers is what they are stand for.

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