Tahe Kayak Paddle Beach Alu 2 pieces


Ideal for
Recreational users looking for value and durability
Adults looking for a versatile paddle that can be taken apart for ease of storage

A 2-piece take-apart kayak paddle for kids and adults featuring Made in France construction

Paddle length
220 cm

BEACH paddles are optimized for durability and value for recreational users looking for reliability and ease of use. Featuring Made in France construction with innovative components to maximize performance at a value price.

Shaft material: Aluminium

Shaft type: Round

Shaft length: 75″ / 190 cm

Shaft diameter: 28 mm

Adjusting system: Push Pin

Paddle grip: Fibrylon T-Grip

Paddle weight: 2.15 lbs / 980 gr

Paddle material: Aluminium – Fibrylon

Blade width: 7.25″ / 185 mm

Blade material: Fibrylon

Blade angle: 65° / 0° / 65°

Blade area: 91 in² / 590 cm²

Blade length: 18.75″ / 475 mm

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